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As long-term cancer survival becomes a widely shared experience, the quality of life of people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis is increasingly important. Optimizing the prevention and treatment of any psychiatric consequences of certain tumours and treatments is now central to high-quality cancer care. This book—a rather original addition to the oncology and psycho-oncology literature—aims to equip oncology clinicians with the knowledge to more expertly prevent, detect, and manage the ‘organic’ psychiatric disorders experienced by people with cancer. It will also serve as a valuable introduction to contemporary oncology for psychiatrists.

The psychiatry of cancer is a distinct subject within the wider field of psycho-oncology. Psychiatric disorders arising through direct biological mechanisms from particular tumours or cancer treatments is a narrower topic still, but one in which oncologists are required to have expertise. This book considers in detail the psychiatric aspects of pro-inflammatory cytokines, endocrine paraneoplastic syndromes, onconeuronal antibodies, brain irradiation, hormone deprivation, glucocorticoid treatment, conventional chemotherapies, and molecularly targeted agents.

Chapter 1 Introduction to cancer biology
Chapter 2 Introduction to biological and molecular psychiatry
Chapter 3 Introduction to clinical neuropsychiatry
Chapter 4 Psychiatric consequences of particular cancers
Chapter 5 Psychiatric consequences of cancer treatments: surgery and radiotherapy
Chapter 6 Psychiatric consequences of cancer treatments: conventional chemotherapy
Chapter 7 Psychiatric consequences of cancer treatments: hormone and cytokine treatments
Chapter 8 Psychiatric consequences of cancer treatments: ‘small molecule’ molecularly targeted agents
Chapter 9 Psychiatric consequences of cancer treatments: therapeutic monoclonal antibodies
Chapter 10 Opportunities for prevention, or early detection, of psychopathology
Chapter 11 Clinical psychiatric assessment of patients with cancer
Chapter 12 Further clinical issues
Chapter 13 Therapeutic strategies

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