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Forensic Science – 4th Edition

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Forensic Science - 4th Edition

Forensic Science – 4th Edition

Forensic Science – 4th Edition PDF

Covering a range of fundamental topics essential to modern forensic investigation, the fourth edition of the landmark text Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques presents contributions from experts in the field who discuss case studies from their own personal files. This edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the cutting edge of forensic science across many different areas.

Designed for a single-term course at the lower undergraduate level, the book begins by discussing the intersection of law and forensic science, how things become evidence, and how courts decide if an item or testimony should be admissible. It takes the evidence from crime scene investigation into laboratory analysis and even onto the autopsy table for the fullest breadth of subject matter of any forensic text available.


Section I Setting the Stage
Chapter 1: Justice and Science
Chapter 2: Evidence: Origins, Types, and Admissibility
Section I Summary

Section II The Crime Scene
Chapter 3: Crime Scene Investigation
Chapter 4: Bloodstain Patterns

Section III Forensic Death Investigation
Chapter 5: Death Investigation
Chapter 6: Forensic Anthropology
Chapter 7: Forensic Entomology

Section IV Forensic Biology
Chapter 8: Identification of Blood and Body Fluids
Chapter 9: DNA Typing

Section V Forensic Chemistry
Chapter 10: Forensic Toxicology.
Chapter 11: Seized Drug Analysis
Chapter 12: Arson, Fire, and Explosives

Section VI Pattern and Impression Evidence
Chapter 13: Fingerprints
Chapter 14: Firearms and Tool Marks
Chapter 15: Tread Impressions

Section VII Cross-Cutting Forensic Disciplines
Chapter 16: Trace Evidence
Chapter 17: Questioned Documents

Section VIII Engineering and Computing
Chapter 18: Forensic Engineering
Chapter 19: Forensic Computing

Section IX T he Human Element and the Future of Forensic Science
Chapter 20: Behavioral Science and Forensic Science

Chapter 21: The Future of Forensic Science

Appendix A
Appendix B


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