Junqueiras Basic Histology Text and Atlas – 15 Edition

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Junqueiras Basic Histology Text and Atlas – 15 Edition

Junqueiras Basic Histology Text and Atlas – 15 Edition PDF

The text that has defined histology for generations: concise, clear, beautifully illustrated, and better than ever.
For more than four decades, Junqueira’s Basic Histology has built a global reputation as the most accessible, yet comprehensive overview of human tissue structure and function available. This trusted classic delivers a well-organized and concise presentation of cell biology and histology that integrates the material with that of biochemistry, immunology, endocrinology, and physiology, and provides an excellent foundation for subsequent studies in pathology. Junqueira’s is written specifically for students of medicine and other health-related professions, as well as for advanced undergraduate courses in tissue biology – and there is nothing else like it.


1 Histology & Its Methods of Study
2 The Cytoplasm
3 The Nucleus
4 Epithelial Tissue
5 Connective Tissue
6 Adipose Tissue
7 Cartilage
8 Bone
9 Nerve Tissue & the Nervous System
10 Muscle Tissue
11 The Circulatory System
12 Blood
13 Hemopoiesis
14 The Immune System & Lymphoid Organs
15 Digestive Tract
16 Organs Associated with the Digestive Tract
17 The Respiratory System
18 Skin
19 The Urinary System
20 Endocrine Glands
21 The Male Reproductive System
22 The Female Reproductive System
23 The Eye & Ear: Special Sense Organs

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