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This book is suited for all kinds of students and doesn’t require any prerequisite knowledge of biology or chemistry. If you are interested in entering the health care profession in some way, this book will give you a strong background in the biology of microorganisms, without overwhelming you with unnecessary details. Don’t worry if you are not in health professions. A grasp of this topic is important for everyone and can be attained with this book.

1 The Main Themes of Microbiology
2 The Chemistry of Biology
3 Tools of the Laboratory Methods for the Culturing and Microscopic Analysis of Microorganisms
4 Bacteria and Archaea
5 Eukaryotic Cells and Microorganisms
6 An Introduction to the Viruses
7 Microbial Nutrition, Ecology, and Growth
8 Microbial Metabolism The Chemical Crossroads of Life
9 Microbial Genetics
10 Genetic Engineering and Recombinant DNA
11 Physical and Chemical Control of Microbes
12 Antimicrobial Treatment
13 Microbe-Human Interactions Health and Disease
14 Host Defenses I Overview and Nonspecific Defenses
15 Host Defenses II Specific Immunity and Immunization
16 Disorders in Immunity
16 Disorders in Immunity
17 Diagnosing Infections
18 Infectious Diseases Affecting the Skin and Eyes
19 Infectious Diseases Affecting the Nervous System
20 Infectious Diseases Affecting the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems
21 Infectious Diseases Affecting the Respiratory System
22 Infectious Diseases Affecting the Gastrointestinal Tract
23 Infectious Diseases Affecting the Genitourinary System
24 Microbes and the Environment
25 Applied Microbiology and Food and Water Safety

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