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Renal Physiology helps you to quickly and easily grasp the fundamentals of renal physiology and learn how to apply them in a clinical context. Thoroughly updated, this medical reference book in the Mosby Physiology Monograph Series provides a basic understanding of normal kidney function at the cellular and molecular level. Attractively illustrated with clear 2-color diagrams, it also facilitates study with learning objectives, “In the Clinic” and “At the Molecular Level” boxes, chapter summaries, and clinical cases with review questions and explained answers.

Stay current with clear, accurate coverage of the physiology of normal renal function focusing on the needs of the student.
Bridge the gap between normal function and disease with pathophysiology content throughout the book.
Understand complex concepts by examining more than more than 250 clear, 2-color diagrams.
Perform quick searches … add your own notes and bookmarks … and more!

Put theory into practice with “In the Clinic” or “At the Molecular Level ” boxes in each chapter that explain the practical applications of fundamental knowledge.
Deepen your understanding of fundamental and advanced information with an expanded collection of review questions reviewed and reorganized by chapter.

1 – physiology of body fluids

2 – structure and function of the kidneys

3 – glomerular filtration and renal blood flow

4 – renal transport mechanisms: nacl and water reabsorption along the nephron

5 – regulation of body fluid osmolality: regulation of water balance

6 – regulation of extracellular fluid volume and nacl balance

7 – regulation of potassium balance

8 – regulation of acid-base balance

9 – regulation of calcium and phosphate homeostasis

10 – physiology of diuretic action

Additional reading
appendix a – integrative case studies
appendix b – normal laboratory values
appendix c – nephron function
appendix d – answers to self-study problems
appendix e – answers to integrative case studies
appendix f – review examination

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