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The Official Autism 101 Manual – 3 Edition

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The Official Autism 101 Manual - 3 Edition

The Official Autism 101 Manual – 3 Edition

The Official Autism 101 Manual – 3 Edition PDF

When you need answers to your questions about anything related to autism, including early diagnosis, therapies, the buzz about vaccinations, social skills, self-esteem, planning for the future, coping skills, music therapy, or solving reading problems, this master collection gives you practical and proven answers. The Official Autism 101 Manual is the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject of autism. Parents and professionals rave that this is your ultimate resource for understanding and responding to autism.


1. What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?
2. Historical Perspectives on Autism
3. Emotionally Coping With a Child’s Diagnosis
4. First Steps After Diagnosis
5. Treatments, Therapies & Methodologies
6. Helping Children with ASD Gain Social Skills
7. Positive Tools to Build Self-Esteem
8. Exceptional Intelligence And Measuring IQ
9. Guiding Adolescence and Adults with Autism
10. Supporting Significant Others Emotionally
11. Planning for the Future
12. By and for People on the Autism Spectrum



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