Vitiligo – 2nd Edition

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Vitiligo - 2nd Edition

Vitiligo – 2nd Edition

Vitiligo – 2nd Edition PDF

Second edition of unique comprehensive book devoted to Vitiligo, with more than 10 entirely new chapters
Richly illustrated with over 150 figures, drawings and tables
Presents a complete and up-to-date overview on the classification, pathogenesis, methods of diagnosis and treatment of Vitiligo
All therapy recommendations are based on new evidence-based guidelines.

Part I Defining the Disease
1 Historical Aspects of Vitiligo
2 Definitions and Classification
3 Vitiligo: Histopathology, Including Electron Microscopy
4 Introduction to Clinical Aspects Chapters
5 Vitiligo/nonsegmental Vitiligo Including Acrofacial and Universalis
6 Segmental Vitiligo
7 Mixed Vitiligo
8 Clinically Inflammatory Vitiligo and Rare Variants
9 Halo Nevus, Leucotrichia and Mucosal Vitiligo
10 Extra-Cutaneous Melanocytes
11 Koebner Phenomenon
12 Environmental Triggers and Occupational/Contact Vitiligo
13 Vitiligo, Associated Disorders and Comorbidities Autoimmune-Inflammatory Disorders, Immunodeficiencies, Rare Monogenic Diseases)
14 Age and Vitiligo: Childhood, Pregnancy and Late-Onset Vitiligo
15 Vitiligo and Skin of Color
16 Vitiligo-Like Lesions in Patients with Metastatic Melanoma Receiving Immunotherapies
17 Evaluation, Assessment, and Scoring
18 Quality of Life
19 Defining the Disease: Editor’s Synthesis

Part II Understanding the Disease
20 Pathophysiology Overview
21 Methods to Study Vitiligo: Noninvasive Techniques and In Vivo Reflectance Confocal Microscopy
22 Animal Models
23 In Vitro Study of Vitiligo
24 Genetics
25 Epigenetics
26 Melanocyte Homeostasis in Vitiligo ?
27 Oxidative Stress and Intrinsic Defects
28 Immunity/Immunopathology
29 Cytokines, Growth Factors, and POMC Peptides
30 Regenerating Melanocytes: Current Stem Cell Approaches with Focus on Muse Cells
31 Other Defects/Mechanisms
32 Pathophysiology of Segmental Vitiligo
33 Editor’s Synthesis

Part III Treating the Disease
34 Management Overview
35 Medical Therapies
36 Surgical Therapies
37 Depigmenting Therapies
38 Combined/Sequential/Integrated Therapies for Vitiligo
39 Camouflage
40 Photoprotection Issues
41 Treating the Disease: Age, Gender, Ethnic Skin, and Specific Locations
42 Psychological Interventions
43 Patients’ Perspectives
44 Discussion on Empirical, Traditional, and Alternative Treatments
45 Beyond Guidelines
46 Editor’s Synthesis and Perspectives


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